Terms of Service - Shop

Be aware, these terms only apply to orders and products sold through the online shop located at alpha-gamer.com.


The prices displayed on the online shop at alpha-gamer.com are billed in euros (€) and include VAT at the applicable legal rates.
All prices are valid unless a typographical error is made.
The prices are not negotiable.


Alpha Gamer allows the following payment methods on the online shop at alpha-gamer.com:
– Multibanco (only available to customers of Portuguese banks)
– MBWAY (only available to customers of Portuguese banks)
– Bank transfer
– Paypal

The customer has 24 hours to pay for the order.
If the payment is not made within the specified time, the order will be canceled.

The orders will only be shipped after the payment is confirmed by Alpha Gamer.


The shipping of orders placed on the online shop at alpha-gamer.com will be executed by a carrier hired by Alpha Gamer.
All damages inherent to transportation are the carrier’s full responsibility.
If, during delivery, you notice any damage to the packaging, you must make a formal complaint to the carrier and report it to Alpha Gamer immediately.
Failure to comply with this step, in the event of any damage due to transportation, will make any compensation unfeasible.

Delivery costs

The delivery costs associated with the orders placed on the online shop at alpha-gamer.com will be calculated and displayed on the shopping cart.
These costs are based on the weight of the ordered items and the intended delivery address.


Returns of orders placed on the online shop at alpha-gamer.com will only be possible after agreement with Alpha Gamer.
All returns made without Alpha Gamer’s consent will be considered null and void.

The customer has a period of 14 days, after receiving the order, during which he/she can return the item(s).
In this type of cases, the return shipping costs will be payed for by the customer.

The following rules are mandatory for returns:
– Product(s) must be intact and without apparent usage;
– The product’s packaging must not be damaged or tampered;
– Return shipping costs will be payed for by the customer.

If any of the mentioned return rules is not respected, the return will not be accepted.


All products sold on the online shop at alpha-gamer.com have a minimum warranty period of 2 years after the date of purchase.
The warranty is applied only to manufacturing defects. Damages caused by improper usage or accidents are not covered.


If you have detected an anomaly or malfunction in your Alpha Gamer product bought on the online shop at alpha-gamer.com, you must contact us describing the issue.
Never return an item without authorization from our technical services.

The transportation of damaged items to our facilities will be at the customer’s expense.
The transportation of the repaired or replaced items to the customer’s address will be at Alpha Gamer’s expense.

In the event that:
– there is no damage or flaw detected on the item;
– misuse is detected on the item;
the item will be returned to the customer in the same condition.

If any repairs are carried out within the warranty period, it will be free of charges to the customer.

In the case of exchange for a new product, and if there is no stock available, the customer will be informed of it.
It will be proposed the following:
– the customer will received corresponding credit;
– the customer will wait for restock of that product (upon agreement).

Alpha Gamer, regarding products sold at alpha-gamer.com, undertakes to comply with the repair or exchange period established by law (30 days after reception of the item at our facilities), unless agreed differently with the customer.

If the issue is not solved within 30 days:
– it will be proposed an exchange for an equivalent item;
– the cost of the item will be credited to the customer.