Nowadays people spend more and more time sitting down. It’s very important to be sitting down correctly, with the best possible posture. An incorrect posture can lead to discomfort or even back pain, which can ultimately result in serious health injuries.
This is where a gaming chair comes in. Alpha Gamer’s gaming chairs make a difference by contributing to the wellness of those who use them.


Adjustable back rest inclination

Users are not all alike and different usages may also call for different specifications.
Allowing the user to freely set the most convenient back rest inclination makes a tremendous difference in posture and comfort by supporting the spine’s curvature.

Adjustable seat inclination

These little adjustments make the difference between a good chair and a great chair.
Adjustability plays a huge role in ergonomics.


Neck and lumbar cushions

These cushions provide extra support and comfort for the most critical body areas, neck and lower back.


Adjustable gas lift

Somewhat ignored, a key component on the chair, that allows to set the correct chair height for a specific user. This allows not only for correct leg, feet and back support, but also for having the computer’s monitor at an optimal viewing level.


Adjustable arm rests

Make sure that you’re in a relaxed and natural position whilst using the arm rests.
Take advantage of all the adjustable features by tailoring the chair to your body.


One of our goals is to provide a gaming chair that will last for a long, long time.
How do we achieve that? By investing in the chair’s structural integrity and the quality of its components.


Internal structure

A solid structure will endure the daily usage wear and tear by a longer period of time, making it more resistant and durable. A gaming chair with a metal structure will also be stronger and more reliable.



Stable foundations make solid houses. Simple as that! A solid base will make a strengthened gaming chair.



Our wheels are suited for every floor surface, evenly distributing weight to provide better stability and mobility.


Our gaming chairs not only look good, they feel good! We use several chair structures and materials with different properties, finishings and colors. We proud ourselves on offering a wide selection of options for different types of users.



Black, white, red, green, orange, pink, we have it all! Not everyone favours black or green. Not every gaming setup has red color.
It’s important to have alternatives and Alpha Gamer gives you freedom of choice!


Alpha Gamer uses several materials on its chairs, due to performance and/or aesthetic reasons. Simple PU leather, microperforated, with carbon finishing or upholstered. The list is big and the reason for this is that we seek the right materials for each and every project.